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Computer products OEM & ODM services
Computer Cooling Fan Controller, Adjusts Speed and Noise Levels
Computer Cooling Fan Controller Allows Users to Manually Adjust Fan Speed and Noise Levels
Light Activated Controller with 3 Fan Speed Controls
Fan Speed-Controller and Cold-Cathode-Light Activator in One Single Unit
CAS 211 / 421 / 611
KVM Switches, a Single Console to Control Multiple Computers
MVS 112 / 114 / 118 / 11C
Well-Made VGA Splitters
Contract assembly/manufacturing services
DIP Service
Assembly Service by SMT or Auto/Manual Insertion on OEM or ODM Basis
SMT Service
PCB Assembly Service by SMT or Manual/Auto Insertion for OEM/ODM Orders
Electronic products OEM & ODM services
A/D Board
The Board is Used on LCD Panel to Transform Analog Signal to Digital Signal
DC to AC Inverters
DC to AC Inverters for CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights)
Seal or Coating PCB Assembly with Epoxy/Silicone
PCB Assembly
Apply all types of PCB Assembly. 
Protect the PCB Assembly from EOS/ESD damage.


Rigid-flex PCBs
Rigid-Flex PCBs
All Types of Printed Circuit Boards (Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flex/Single Sided, Multilayer)
Solar/dual-power calculators
Calculator with USB Cable to Connect with Notebook Personal Computers

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